You Let Him Go Out Like That?

I’ve been going through a devotional Bible study book with women from my church called “Comparison Trap” by Sandra Stanley. In the study, we focus on what areas in our lives we compare ourselves to others, how those comparisons affect our lives, and how to renew our minds to think differently when we’re tempted to […]

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Chewing on Hate

Snow White bit into a poisonous apple and it nearly killed her. I bit into a poisonous apple of my own once, but thank God, just like Snow White, I had a Prince to wake me and save me from my own stupidity. Once upon a time, I hated someone. And I don’t mean casual […]

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Once There Were Dragons

Okay, guys. We’re taking a necessary moment this week to appreciate dragons. More specifically, the How To Train Your Dragon trilogy. The newest movie just came out two weekends ago, but my husband and I had the privilege of seeing it 3 weeks early, thanks to a random deal on Fandango. I had been wanting […]

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I Didn’t See It

Brave leaves leapt from the trees, Composing a symphony of color while cascading down, But I didn’t see it.   Loving meows beckoning me to snuggle rang in my ears, Longing for uninterrupted quality time, But I didn’t hear them.   Clouds passed over the mountains, Creating a shadowy masterpiece on the earth, But I […]

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