Marbled Grief

I burst into the throne room, defiling the sacred atmosphere with my screaming and crying.  “Why, Dad?! Why would you let me continue to suffer like this when you have the power to take it away? Does my pain mean nothing to you?!” Tears stream down my face and my pace slows as I reach […]

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Beans and Rice

This past Sunday, my church encouraged us to participate with them in a 5-day beans and rice fast. The purpose behind it was to pray for the recipients of the tens of thousands of meals we will be packing this Saturday for those affected by the hurricane in the Bahamas. In addition to praying for […]

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A few weeks ago, I discovered a lovely website called Deadlines for Writers, created to help writers keep writing. Every month they give a prompt for Poetry and a prompt for a Short Story. There are requirements and a deadline for each of those categories. This was my first month participating, and the Poetry prompt […]

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Cow Appreciation Day

I was 9 years old when I decided cows were my favorite animal. And it all started with a puppet.   This puppet, actually.     Each of us kids received $50 for Christmas from our grandfather to spend as we wished. We went to the mall a few days after Christmas to see if […]

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I Remember

I remember the moment I first saw you, Blind to all but your height, Full of hatred and spite   I remember the time I first talked to you, You reached out with hello, I passively wished you would go   I remember the day I got to know you, Your dreams and desires matched […]

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Thump, thump, thump. The beat is steady and the embrace warm. Distance had too long separated us and now, together, at last, I breathe in your scent. I continue to listen, my head upon your chest. Thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump. The beat grows more rapid and you utter my name. I know what […]

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Encouraging Fools

What if April Fools’ Day was about being foolish instead of fooling others? What if it was the one day of the year where it’s socially acceptable to wear ridiculous clothing and dance down the street, singing at the top of your lungs? I’ve always hated April Fools’ Day. I hate having to walk around […]

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The Success Trap

Something whispering in my ear continually says: “If you’re not doing something great, reaching masses of people, and leaving your mark in the history books, what’s the point?” If I’m not careful, it will motivate every action I take. Success is an idol we worship. In America, you can be whatever you want to be […]

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You Let Him Go Out Like That?

I’ve been going through a devotional Bible study book with women from my church called “Comparison Trap” by Sandra Stanley. In the study, we focus on what areas in our lives we compare ourselves to others, how those comparisons affect our lives, and how to renew our minds to think differently when we’re tempted to […]

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Chewing on Hate

Snow White bit into a poisonous apple and it nearly killed her. I bit into a poisonous apple of my own once, but thank God, just like Snow White, I had a Prince to wake me and save me from my own stupidity. Once upon a time, I hated someone. And I don’t mean casual […]

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